JeffHELP SERV (Sharing Experiences, Respect/Resources, Vision) is a program designed by students for students at Thomas Jefferson University. It is comprised of students who wish to be a listening ear for peers who need some additional support and would like someone to talk to about current concerns. There are some important things that you should know about the program:

  • The JeffHELP SERV members are not licensed counselors but do receive ongoing training on how to be a peer support person.
  • JeffHELP SERV is not a crisis service. If you are in crisis, and need to speak to someone immediately, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK), or call 911.
  • JeffHELP SERV meetings are limited to 5 visits. The main goal of this program is not to engage pseudotherapists but rather assist with short-term problems or other personal challenges for which you would value peer support and insight.
  • The content of your meetings with JeffHELP SERV peers will remain confidential unless it is determined that professional intervention is needed to keep you safe.
  • All students who meet with a JeffHELP SERV peer will be sent a brief anonymous survey from once your meetings have concluded. The purpose of this survey is to gain feedback about the program and peer support staff in order to allow this program to best meet your needs

Click here to fill out a form to connect with a JeffHELP SERV peer listener.

JeffHELP SERV leaders’ resources page

Sarah A.

Jefferson College of Health Professionals - MFT Program

Diana A.

1st Year Medical Student

Rachel B.

Rehabilitation Science Student

Mary B.

1st Year Medical Student

Ariel B.

Saya B.

Anna C.

Allison C.

Nursing Student

Elizabeth C.

Timothy C.

Colleen D.

Nursing Student

Leanne D.

2nd Year Medical Student

Sana D.

3rd Year Medical Student

Leah D.

1st Year Medical Student

Jessica E.

Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences Student

Aisha G.

Alexander G.

2nd Year Medical Student From outside of New York City; graduated from University of Pennsylvania

Talia G.

2nd Year Medical Student

Briana H.

Rehabilitation Science Student

Rhianna H.

1st Year Medical Student

Jeffery H.

Yasser H.

Christian I.

2nd Year Medical Student

Chelsea K.

3rd Year Medical Student

Jonathan L.

1st Year Medical Student

Kyle L.

Identifies as LGBTQ

Rae L.

Life Sciences Student

Jeffrey M.

3rd year Medical Student

Jingya M.

Lindsey M.

Rebecca M.

Sonny M.

Rehabilitation Science Student

Tanziyah M.

5th Year Medical PhD Student

Maki N.

3rd Year Medical Student

Monisha R.

1st Year Medical Student

Mohammad R.

1st Year Medical Student

Jared R.

1st Year Medical Student

Sage R.

2nd Year Medical Student From Italy and the U.S.; Non-traditional student; Prior experience working with international students

Lisa S.

2nd Year Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences Student (P4 Program)

Gabby S.